Topcare Lands Kenya in a Nutshell

Topcare Lands Kenya in a Nutshell

What is Topcare in a Nutshell? Topcare as the word says Top + Care. We exist because we are there to care for you as a customer. Our record of over 10,000 clients that have already settled in our projects are a true testimony that here at Topcare, you are treated as a King and queen. Our process, products and our dedicated staff are driven by our key pillars: Honesty, Transparency and Integrity.

Our primary business is selling of land. We are not a "Jack of all Trades" but a master of one and will continue being so. In our land process. we buy large chunks of land and subdivide it into portions that fit our customer’s needs. Every process is undertaken in a professional and honest manner. This includes meeting the owner on a one on one basis when buying a piece of land, meeting the family and acquiring consents from them to ascertain that all parties involves are in agreement with the sale. This is because land buying and selling is not only a transaction, it is a social arrangement between the buyer, seller and the community at large It is not like buying items in a shop.

Our track record spans to over 70+ projects sold and still going strong. We began selling land at Juja Farm at a time where it was quite an uphill task to find a reliable and genuine company. We soon grew to Joska, Rongai, Matuu, Kamakis and Kitengela and now expanding to the rift region. We have handed over 18,000 title deeds. This includes clients from the diaspora who have purchased land with ease and acquired title deeds in their specific locations around the world. This is a testimony from all  customers that have visited and invested in Topcare who have been able to receive their title deeds on time.

Most of it has been done in Juja Farm. Currently Juja Farm is an ever expanding area housing many of our projects. Being that we are at project no 60 and counting, we have settled over 5,000 people in Juja Farm alone. Today if you visit Juja farm, the community that lives there speaks one language, a Topcare success language. Just like carrying a CV when looking for a job, for Topcare Lands Kenya. Juja Farm is our CV

It is sad and painful that people have lost land and lose money in dubious deals and fake investments. This formed the origin story of Topcare Lands Kenya. We came to solve the genuinety problem and we assure our clients that from us, they will not experience such problems ever in their lives.

We are passionate about land. Very passionate to an extent that we even offer free advice for those who want to know more about land investment. This is not just for monetary gain and interests but because we genuinely CARE for you. 

Welcome to Topcare and see a difference in real estate professionalism.

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